How To Care For Your Pampas Grass

If you don't have a green thumb and you don't have the time to give the TLC that indoor plants deserve, have no fear because our dried pampas grass and other dried foliage are very low maintenance. Here are a few care and maintenance tips for prolonging our pampas grass and making sure they are extra fluffy after taking them out of the package. 

  • Gently take the pampas grass out of the packaging. Some pampas may shed more than other varieties and shedding is completely normal. Give it a good shake. Like really, shake it like a polaroid picture.
  • Carefully arrange the pampas in a vase and gently pull at the plumes to fluff it up with your fingers. We recommend using a hairdryer to fluff it up.
  • For best results, put the vase of pampas outside in the sun for 3-5 hours. Pampas grass thrive in the sun! If it is not sunny, a few hours outside in a dry area will do the trick.
  • If you want to minimize shedding of your pampas, take some aerosol hair spray and give your pampas a light spray.
  • We recommend keeping our pampas grass in low traffic areas to avoid further shedding.
  • Our dried pampas grass do not require water (in fact, keep it away from water as far away as possible!).


Enjoy your pampas grass for years to come! Browse our dried pampas grass collection featuring our luscious and irresistible large pampas grass in 4 neutral colours (blonde, grey, bleached white, brown), available in 3 or 6 stems. Our pampas grass stems can be cut to fit any size vase to make a bold statement in any room in your home. 

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