Pampas Grass Home Decor Inspiration

Meet the cool new plant on the block

You may have seen a ton of fluffy and cloud-like pampas grass blow up on your Instagram, Pinterest and TikTok feeds over the last few years. Influencers, interior decorators, and celebrities alike are head over heels for this trendy decorative plant. Move over indoor plants – this trend is here to stay! If you don’t have a green thumb, pampas grass (and other dried foliage) are the perfect alternative to style your home.

So what is pampas grass exactly?

Pampas grass is formally known as Cortaderia selloana and it is a flowering plant native to Southern South America. Pampas grass was then planted all over Europe and North America. While it serves as a beautiful and decorative piece for your home, pampas grass is considered an invasive weed in some parts of the world!


Pampas grass can grow up to 3 meters high and from seed to maturity it can take 2-4 years. It is usually harvested from August to February, but they are generally available all year round. The feathery tufts are called plumes and the stems are called reeds. When dried, pampas grass is a beautiful and versatile ornamental grass for your home that is everlasting and requires very little maintenance!

How to style pampas grass in your home

Pampas grass may look bohemian and earthy but it complements all styles of homes. Whether your home is boho, rustic, modern, minimalist, or mid-century, pampas grass adds texture, dimension and height and makes a bold statement in any room. With its versaility and neutral colours, it looks great as a centerpiece for your dining table or kitchen island, coffee table, on a console, fireplace mantel and even on your bed side table. Large pampas grass look great in a tall floor vase in entryways, on the side of floor-length mirrors and they bring the corners of rooms to life. We’ve rounded up our favourite pampas grass style inspirations!


You might have also seen a surge of pampas grass for weddings, and it’s also a great piece of décor for retail shops and content creation!

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